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There are different ways to display the task list in the "Tasks" section:

  • as a table
  • as a tree
  • as a chronicle
  • as a Gantt chart
  • as a location.

You can switch views using the designated element located above the tools panel.


  • Table view lets you see all the task data you need as columns in a table. You can configure the contents of these columns.
  • Tree view differs from table view in that it allows you to see the hierarchical nesting of tasks (subtasks) as a tree.
  • Chronicle view lets you see tasks broken out by related events. You can read more about the Chronicle here.
  • Gantt chart display shows the selected tasks as a Gantt chart.
  • Location shows your tasks on a map. For this to work, tasks must contain a Location field with address information linked to a map.

Switching between display options in other Planfix sections works similarly. The views available in each section depending on the section's purpose.

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