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A simple list in the Planner is a type of list intended for quickly recording tasks, notes, ideas, or activities that are not tied to anything specific.

The difference between a simple list and a list with conditions

The main difference from standard lists in the planner is the lack of conditional filters. The toggle switch is inactive:


Standard lists (with conditional filters enabled) are a tool for more deliberate task management in Planfix:


How to create a simple list

  • Create a Planner for Kanban::


  • Add a list::


  • Add ideas or tasks to the list that need to be done:


How to work with simple lists

The working algorithm is as follows:

  • Add tasks to the simple list.
  • Plan who will complete these tasks, when, and in what order.
  • Move the tasks to a standard list to assign them for work.


The task adopts the specified attributes of the list to which it was moved.

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