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If you use a data tag to make a table section when creating a document using a template, then you'll want to be sure that any images with seals or signatures stay in the correct place when data tag rows are added. To do this, you must:

  • Create a File main Field;
  • Add the seal or signature image file to this field. For best results, use a PNG file with a transparent background;
  • Open the document template in LibreOffice
  • Insert the image in the file and resize/position it as needed.
  • Right-click the image and select Name from the menu that appears:


  • Enter the name of the variable that corresponds to the main field created. For example, if the field is called Seal, the variable will be called {{Main.Seal}}:


  • Save the template as a Word or Excel file
  • Go to Documents - Templates and add the resulting template file as a new document template or as a new version of an existing template:


  • When using a template created in this way, the image will appear in the place you specified, relative to other elements in the template, when a document is created.

Useful information

  • When creating a document using a template, the image in the template is replaced with the image uploaded to the field specified in the name. Therefore, it doesn't matter what image is added in the template file — it's just a placeholder for the image that will be added to the final document.
  • If the name of the image in the template file contains the name of a non-existent field, or if no image is entered into the name field, the resulting file will not contain an image.
  • When creating a document, an image of the size specified in the template will be inserted. This means that if the seal image in your template is 3"x3" but the actual size of the image uploaded to the "Seal" general field is 2"x2", the image will be stretched to 3"x3" in the final file.
  • More information about working with images in different types of templates: Using images in document templates

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