Rules for adding emails to existing tasks

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Rules can be set in the Account Management section (available for account administrators) for processing emails sent to a task:


These rules apply to:

Each incoming email is checked to see if it meets the conditions to trigger each of the configured rules, sequentially. Suppose an email meets a rule's conditions. Then, the operations described in the rule will be carried out if they affect the action created by the email.

Sample rule for processing emails received by a task email address

This rule checks to see if the phrase "Best regards" is found in the email. If it is found, then when forming the comment text, everything after this label is deleted from the email text (the original text of the email, which can be viewed by clicking a link in the action, remains unchanged).


Similar rules can be added for other phrases or words (such as "Respectfully") that begin the signature sections of emails. This same approach can be used to discard automated non-informative blocks of text in emails you receive from other systems. This allows you to shorten the length of comments added to Planfix and improve their readability.

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