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If a user tries to add a contact with an email that already exists in the system but does not have access to it, the system will not allow this but will offer to request access rights to this contact:



In the event of your confirmation, the system will send a request to the user who can grant this access. The following logic is applied:

  • Initially, the request is sent to the supervisor of the contact.
  • If no supervisor is assigned to the contact, the request is sent to the creator (the user who added the contact to Planfix).
  • If the creator of the contact is not an active user (for example, a dismissed employee), the request is sent to everyone who has access to the contact through the configured channels (by default, this is the Chronicle and email).

The request looks like this:


Once access has been granted, the user who requested access will receive a notification in the chronicle:


If access is declined, they will receive a corresponding notification by email.

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