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The Project Management in Planfix is a ready-made solution demonstrating one of the many ways companies can manage their client projects. It's suitable for B2B and B2C companies, providing them with tools and features to effectively plan, execute, and monitor their projects. In addition, the solution can be customized to meet a company's specific needs, allowing them to tailor the project management process to their unique workflows and requirements.

With features such as project templates, customizable task fields, and detailed reporting and analysis, the Project Management Solution in Planfix can help companies streamline their project management process and improve their overall efficiency.

The Project Management Solution also allows users to plan and control project work by creating and assigning tasks to team members, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. The solution provides several task management tools and features, including task templates, dependencies, and prioritization.

In addition, the solution includes a Gantt chart view that allows users to visualize project schedules and dependencies and adjust their project plan accordingly. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the project's progress and makes it possible to quickly identify potential delays or issues that may occur during the project.

First steps after installation

  • Add employees.
  • Assign test tasks to your colleagues and observe how they perform.
  • If you frequently work on similar projects, you can create a project template by following the instructions in this video.

Instructions for working with the solution

Additional Information

If the solution does not work for you

If the procedure described doesn't meet your needs, you have several options:

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