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The Planner section of the mobile app allows users to work with data from planners that were created in the web version.  Currently, the mobile version supports the following types of planner lists:

  • Chronicle
  • List
  • Cards
  • Table
  • Hourly calendar
  • Task calendar by days

Work is underway to support other types of planner lists in the app.

Switching between planners and lists.

Upon launching, the default planner set in the web version is opened. To open a different planner, click on the name of the current planner and select a different one from the list:


  • Click on the Eye icon to change the display settings of the planner list.
  • Use the Search function if there are many planners.

Working with tasks in the planner

  • To open an existing task, click on the corresponding card in the list.
  • Within the task, you can write comments, change field values, and attach data tags, files, and reminders.
  • Click on the Arrow in the top left corner of the task card to return to the planner.
  • A new task created in the planner list will match its selection parameters.
  • To create a task, click on the Plus sign and select an input method:
    • Voice input
    • Short card
    • Full card


  • If grouping is enabled in the planner, a task can be created directly within a group. The task created this way corresponds to the grouping.

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