Modified and Current tasks in operations

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It's common to see scripts with operations that refer to a modified and current task, so it's important to understand what both of these terms mean.

  • The Current task is the task where the event occurred that triggered the script.
  • The Modified task is the task that was selected to be modified. This could be the Current task, or it could be a different task that was chosen in the operation's settings.


1. The task in which the script was triggered is modified, so the Modified task is the same as the Current task:


Accordingly, the result of the operation will be the same as in the case shown in the screenshot below:


2. A different task changes than the original task. Here, the Modified task is the parent task of the Current task:


As a result of this operation, the "Model" field in the parent task of the current task (the Modified task) will be filled with the value from the "Model" field of the task with the event that triggered the script (the Current task).

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