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Instagram does not officially offer a full API for integration with external services — it's missing the ability to send and receive direct messages. Because of this, integration is done using third-party services, which provide the exchange of messages with Instagram.

The integration allows you to use Planfix to reply to comments on your posts and direct messages from contacts who write to you on Instagram. You can use Planfix to process requests from customers or other Instagram users. Planfix unites all messages from all of the channels of communication you use. This helps you be more productive and makes it easier for you to hand off work to other employees.

Services that provide integration

  • Wazzup
  • i2crm (The service provided is Russian interface only)

How the integration works

After configuring the integration using a third-party service (see the link below) you can use Planfix to respond to comments on your Instagram posts and chat with the users who wrote them in direct messages.

  • When the first comment is made on one of your Instagram posts, a task will automatically be created in Planfix with a link to the post, the comment text, and a link to the comment.
  • Subsequent comments left by this and other users leave will be added to the task as new comments.
  • You can reply to any comment from Planfix, and the user you reply to will receive your response on Instagram as if you had answered them there.
  • You can select the following option in the integration settings: Create a new task if there are no active tasks with this contact.
  • Do not attach publication files to the task if they are not needed.
  • If an Instagram user writes you a direct message on Instagram, you will receive it as a new task in Planfix.
  • Every user who leaves a comment on one of your posts or writes you a direct message is automatically added to your Planfix Contacts section.
  • You can write to these users from their customer card in Planfix:


When using this integration, you can use Planfix for all customer communication, while customers will see your responses and messages on Instagram. Planfix makes it significantly easier to process orders coming from Instagram and gives you control over the entire chain of customer relationships.


  • Comments on Instagram posts sent from Planfix can be up to 265 symbols in length.
  • Direct Instagram messages sent from Planfix can be up to 1,000 symbols in length.
  • Photos that are sent must be at least 256 pixels in height and width, can be up to 6,144 pixels overall, and can be up to 8 MB.

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