How to attach files to a task?

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You can attach files to Planfix tasks that are stored locally, or you can attach links to online documents. If you attach a local file, it will be uploaded to the Planfix server. There are several ways to attach files.  

The quick method

The simplest and quickest method to add a file to a task is to click the paper clip icon in the Add comment block:  



Attaching a file with a comment

To attach a file while adding a comment:

  • Go to the desired task;
  • Create a new comment;
  • Write the comment you would like in the Comment field (not required);
  • Click the Paper clip icon to add a file:


  • In the window that opens, select the file source, and then select the file or paste a link:



  • Add the list of users who should be notified about the file (if needed).
  • Save the comment.


Adding a file by dragging and dropping

To attach a file while adding a comment:

  • Drag a file from a folder on your computer:



  • To drag and drop a file from another Planfix tab:
    • if it's in a task open in another section, you need to find the file in the task's "Documents" panel and drag it to the desired task.
    • drag and drop the file into the task from the Documents section.
  • Dragging and dropping a link. Please note: links dragged into a task are attached to the comment as an External link file.


Additional information

  • File upload begins immediately after a file has been added before you save your comment.
  • If a file can't be loaded for some reason, you can try to load it again without affecting any other files already loaded.
  • Planfix supports file versioning. When attempting to upload a file with a name that already exists in the project, Planfix will prompt the user to either save a new version, rename the file, or attach the existing file that was loaded earlier:

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