Exporting all files of the custom field type File in a document

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You can export all Files attached to a custom field type File to a document based on a template. To do this, you must use the variable {{Task.Field.File}}.

This variable should be inserted in the table part of template to work properly, similar to the approach used when inserting data from the data tag attached to the task.

When creating a document by a template, such a string automatically multiplied by the number of files in the custom field type "File."

The variable {{Task.Field.File}} has the following fields available:

  • record serial number
  • identifier
  • name
  • name without extension
  • image - this is the file itself physically. That is, an image will be inserted into this place in the document


  • If you insert the variable {{Task.Field.File}} outside the table in a MS Word template, the final document will contain information about only one of the task's files.
  • Additional image formatting is described in the reference article Using images in document templates

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