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Planfix supports editing documents with software installed on a local device (PC). The following logic is used:

  • When choosing Edit — on your computer, the document is automatically downloaded to the user's PC and opened in the program associated with that type of document on that device.
  • After editing, the document is automatically uploaded to Planfix as a new version of the original document.

To ensure the functioning of this logic, a special software agent, Planfix Docs Editor, is used. The program is available in two versions: one for macOS and one for Windows operating systems. Depending on the operating system, the first time you try to edit a document on your desktop PC, Planfix will offer that you install the appropriate version of Planfix Docs Editor automatically.

The working principles of Planfix Docs Editor are the same on macOS and Windows. The following demonstrates how to edit a document in the Windows operating system:

  • Click Edit — on your computer in the document view:


  • The first time you try to edit a document, the system will suggest installing Planfix Docs Editor:


  • Install the program and start editing, or press Edit — on your computer again:


  • The document will be automatically downloaded to your computer and opened in the application associated with it in the operating system settings:


  • After editing, save the changes and close the program you used to edit the file. Then, Planfix Docs Editor will automatically upload the document to Planfix.
  • The edited file will be available as a new version of the original document:


Useful tips

  • If you use a proxy server in your browser, you need to add an exception for the pfeditor.planfix.com address in its settings:



  • Planfix Docs Editor works in Windows 7 and higher and requires.Net Framework 3.5 package to operate.

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