Determine the workload of employees without having access to their tasks

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You can organize the company's resource management in the hourly calendar. For example, see the occupancy of the meeting room:


Please note that some tasks the employees do not have access to are shaded diagonally. They can only partially see such tasks. Clicking on them will display only the information about who has booked the conference room and at what time.

As a result, the employee will not be able to schedule any events for the booked time, not even with colleagues, for example, a planned meeting, because although they can see the employees' workload, they do not have access to their tasks.


For employees to see tasks in the hourly calendar to which they do not have access, there must be no conditions with restricted access in the calendar filter parameters by status and user-defined fields.

For example, if the calendar includes a condition based on the "Contract amount" field value and the employee cannot access this field, then nothing will be displayed for them in the calendar. Tasks that do not meet the condition are not displayed.


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