Deleting directory entries

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Directory entries can be deleted using a special button in the entry card:


You can also delete directory entries and groups of entries by clicking the checkboxes next to them and then clicking the Delete button:


Recycle bin

Every directory has a recycle bin that holds deleted entries and groups. In the recycle bin, you can see an entry's delete date and the employee who deleted it. Account administrators can restore or permanently delete entries in the recycle bin:



  • When deleting a directory entry (i.e. move it to the recycle bin) the entry is deleted from all custom fields. Accordingly, all of this directory entry's links to other objects (such as tasks, contacts, projects, etc.) where the entry is used will be lost. Restoring an entry does not restore these links. That's why we recommend not deleting entries previously used in other Planfix objects, but instead archiving them.
  • A directory entry that has been deleted and is in the recycle bin retains the same permissions that it had when deleted. *When an entry is restored from the recycle bin, it is restored with these permissions. If the permissions to the group where the entry was located were changed while the entry was in the recycle bin, these changes will not be automatically applied to the restored entry.
  • Deleting a directory group will send all its entries to the recycle bin.
  • Deleting a group from the recycle bin deletes all the entries in this group.

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