Deleting an account link

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If you no longer want to use a link between accounts:



Important: Deleting a link will not delete the information transferred via the link at an earlier date. You will only stop future information transfer.


Canceling the link between accounts for individual tasks

Tasks created via an account link contain an additional panel called Account link. This panel shows the name of the account (or accounts) that are linked to the current account and contain a copy of this task. Users with editing rights for this task can disconnect the account link by clicking the checkmark:  


Additional info

  • Information about the task that was transferred at an earlier date remains in the linked account;
  • Contacts from the linked account are removed from the task;
  • Contacts from the current task are removed from the task in the linked account.

No new comments or files added in your account will be added to the linked account, and vice versa.  

This is useful when a link was established between accounts by mistake, as a result of accidentally linking to the wrong user's task.

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