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Custom solutions are solutions that any account administrator can create. They are used to transfer settings (sets of objects and links among them) between different Planfix accounts. This can help you maintain your company's best practices across various business processes.


Creating solutions

  • Go to Account management — Solutions — Created by me:


  • Click the Create solution button:


In the window that opens:

  • Enter a name for the solution. This is the name you will use to find your solution in the solutions list:


  • Enter a description for your solution so you and other users will be able to understand what it is intended for, what processes it works with, and how it helps:


  • Select a solution type, full or reduced:


  • Select the types of objects to include in the solution:


  • Each type of object selected will appear as a row in the table shown below:


  • Click a line to select the objects of each type that will be included in the solution:


Important: If you want to add a tree of task templates to the solution, you only need to select the main template. The remaining nested templates will be added automatically.
  • Specify the section the user should be sent to once the solution is installed:


Available default sections:

Don't open — this is the default

Workspace — displayed if there are workspaces in the solution

Planners and filters — displayed if there are planners and filters in the solution

Specify whether or not the help panel should open with a description once the solution is installed:


Available options:

Don't open — this is the default

Overview of solution — add a description that will be displayed in the panel

Link to site — enter any link that will open

Once everything is ready, click Create solution (above). The solution will appear in the list, in the Created by me:


Public links to custom solutions

To use a custom solution in a different account, you must generate a public link.

  • Click the name of the custom solution in the Created by me — Edit button to generate a public link:


  • Generate a public link to your solution:


  • The public link generated will be displayed in the solution:


Share this link with other Planfix users, or use it to transfer your settings to another account.

If you no longer want your solution to be available via this link, generate a new one. Please note that this will only affect future attempts to use the old link to install your solution. Solutions that were installed using the old link before the new link was generated will still work.

Additional information

  • Administrators and technical administrators of all accounts can create custom solutions.
  • Only the creator of a custom solution can view it. The creator can also delete their solution or (re)generate a public link to it. Solutions are not available to other account users with administrator rights.
  • To copy protect your solution, you can disable duplication of the contents to other solutions.

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