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Planfix can be connected to a Telegram group to receive and reply to messages.


  • Single-window operation. Receive all messages from your Telegram group and reply directly from Planfix.
  • Process automation. Messages from the group are automatically linked to a corresponding task in Planfix.
  • Extended features. Utilize extra features of your custom bot in the group to make working with tasks, customers, or employees easier.


  • Authorize Telegram in Planfix.
  • Add Planfix's bot for Telegram or your own bot to the group.
  • Link the Telegram group to a task in Planfix:
    • Create a task in Planfix or use an existing one.
    • In the Telegram group, write a command to the Planfix bot: /task <New task name> or the number of an existing task without <>.
    • After you have linked the task to the Telegram group, new messages from the task will be sent to the Telegram group and messages from the Telegram group will be sent to the task:


Additional settings

  • Connecting a bot in Telegram is not possible in anonymous mode. Before activating the bot, turn off anonymous mode in the Telegram group settings: AdministratorsRemain anonymous:


  • When using your own bot in the group, disable GroupPrivacy in BotFather:



  • There are some limitations when using the integration. They are described in the main article about the integration with Telegram.
  • Telegram prohibits any third party from starting a personal conversation with users. So, to write back to someone who has written in the group with a personal message, you must reply to them directly in Telegram.

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