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Setting a chart display period

The display period of a Gantt chart can be set using the calenders located at the sides of the chart:


You can move between the endpoints of the time period using the gray slider or by selecting a field in the diagram with the left mouse button.

Setting the display scope

There are two ways to change the chart's display scope:

  • Select the desired range (hours/days/weeks/months) in the menu


  • Clicking the gray slider and dragging it from side to side


Going to a specific day in the chart

When you click the Date button, a calendar opens where you can choose a specific day that you would like to see in the chart:


You can always get back to the current day by clicking Today:


Collapsing subtasks in the chart

Tasks shown in a Gantt chart may contain subtasks, which will also be shown


If you want to exclude subtasks from the chart, you need to collapse them in their parent task in the left-hand panel:


As needed, you can use the Display menu to add additional information (such as assignee, task name, or project) to be displayed in the chart, or you can remove information to reduce clutter:


Different backgrounds in Gantt chart items

If the same task is assigned to multiple employees (that is, if a task has multiple assignees) then in the Gantt chart display of the task filter with grouping by the employee, the task will be shown with hatching lines in the background:



The task color in the chart is determined by the color of its status.

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