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Planfix now supports the integration of Brevo Conversations, an online chat service for websites that allow customers to contact you directly.


  • Respond to all website queries from a single Planfix interface.
  • Use quick replies for frequently asked questions.
  • Add additional team members to work together.
  • Keep a well-organized database of your customer information.

Creating an API key in Brevo

First, you need to create an API key. Go to the SMTP & API section in your Brevo account:


Click on API keys and then on Generate a new API key:


Name your key in the new window and copy it:


Set up in Planfix

Go to Account management — Integrations — Chats:


Select Brevo and add your account:


In the integration settings, add a title, enter your email, and paste the copied Brevo API key:


Also, copy and save the "Address for accepting requests" link; you will need it later to create a webhook.

Configuring the chat in Brevo

Navigate to Conversations — Settings — Integrations:


Select Webhooks and create a new one:


Give the webhook a name and insert the "Address for accepting requests" link that you copied from Planfix:


At the bottom, select the events you want to receive, as shown in the screenshot above. Next, go to the chat widget in the menu on the left and create a new chat widget:


If necessary, customize the chat:


Give it a name and choose a photo that website visitors can see:


Next, select how you want to install the code on the website — automatically or manually. For the code, click on Manually and continue:


Copy the chat widget code for your site:


Then, pass the code to your developers or add it to your site yourself.

How Integration Works

  • When a customer logs into the chat on your website, a new task is created in Planfix with the customer as the creator.
  • The task contains information about the customer's city, the pages they have visited on your website, and the source and device data.
  • With Planfix scripts, you can automatically close tasks when a customer leaves the chat.


  • Integration is only available for paid accounts.

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