Adding new stages to the sales funnel

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The sales funnel, typically organized in Planfix, is divided into stages. Each stage represents a specific task status. Therefore, if you change the status, the task can be moved from one stage of the sales funnel to another.

Statuses are configured in Task Processes. In the Details Tab, you can find out in which process the tasks are located:


Adding a new stage of the sales funnel

How to add a new funnel stage:

  • Create a new task status in the desired process - see this help for details.
  • Add another stage corresponding to the new status. To do this, go to the planner where the sales funnel is set up and create a new list:


  • Name the new stage of the sales funnel;
  • Specify the status that will be used to select the tasks for it;
  • Save the settings:


  • Specify the sequence of stages you need:


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