Whiteboard Planfix CRM and Project Management System


This is a useful tool that allows you to easily track and understand the progress of your work.

plan implement control
Whiteboard provides you with visual representations of your projects, tasks, and situations that are quick and easy to understand.
Plan — Whiteboard


A visual representation of all the relevant ideas and their relationships makes working on a new product or project easier.

Add ideas as blocks to a diagram.

Set the action plan and direction together and grant access to your coworkers.

Make connections between them.
Implement — Whiteboard


Create new tasks from a pool of ideas, assign assigners to perform them, or integrate existing tasks from your Planfix into the diagram and make connections between them.

Turn ideas into tasks.

Add existing tasks.

Interconnect tasks in various ways.
The links between tasks are made only in the context of a given diagram. You can link the same tasks differently if you put the same tasks in different diagrams.
Control — Whiteboard


Observe the development of a product or project as part of a comprehensive plan for its growth and delve into the details as needed.

Keep track of the progress of work.

Regulate the pace of tasks to ensure smooth milestones are achieved.

Recognize which tasks are slowing down the process.
Using a mind map, you can turn an idea into a project, break it down into tasks, assign employees to complete these tasks, communicate within the tasks, and navigate through the entire project until it's fully executed - all within a single platform and without relying on external programs and services.
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