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Zapier is a service that automates routine operations, which are usually related to data exchange between services.

Many services are integrated with Zapier; you can exchange data with the following:


Zapier generally works as follows:

  • an event occurs in one service;
  • information about it is sent to Zapier;
  • Zapier performs a certain action in another service according to rules that have been set up.

The logic for interaction between services must be configured in Zapier. Here is how that is done:

  • select an event (a TRIGGER) that occurs in Service 1;
  • indicate something (an ACTION) that should happen in Service 2 as a result of the event;
  • a SEARCH can be used to find the desired object in Service 2.

Planfix can be either Service 1 or Service 2. Planfix supports a specific set of events and actions.

Using the integration

The integration is configured entirely in Zapier. You don't need to enable or activate anything on the Planfix side. Integration begins as soon as a script (or Zap, as Zapier call them) is created and activated in Zapier. The Zap interacts with Planfix.

Important: Zapier's Planfix integration is currently in beta. To use Planfix with Zapier, use this link to connect it.


  • There is a free version of Zapier available, but it has limitations on the number of zaps and their response times.
  • Zap response times depend on your Zapier plan and could be from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Zapier integration in Planfix is available to users with paid and premium accounts, as well as during the trial period.

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