Why am I not receiving notifications about a task?

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One of the fundamental principles of Planfix involves notifications. We believe that notifications should be sent to users only if a response is needed from them. Our reasoning for this is simple: we don't want to clog people's inboxes or eat up their attention with information that isn't relevant to their work.

That's why it's customary in Planfix to choose which task participants to notify about each action you take. For this purpose, when creating a new action, a block for selecting task participants is displayed. All the people you select in this block will receive a notification about your action. The other participants in the task will only be able to see the action if they go to the task.


Useful information

If you want to receive notifications about new actions added to a specific task or to all tasks of a specific project, open the Notification panel in the desired task or project, and activate the following option:


It's also worth considering that, by default, information about critical events related to a task is sent to those to whom it is relevant. These actions include:

  • Creating a task where you're an assignee
  • Creating a task where you're an auditor (including if you are the auditor of the project the task was created in)
  • Changing a task's status (Waiting for review, Complete, etc.)
  • Changing the planned completion date

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