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Planfix gives you the ability to create virtual email addresses for receiving and processing email in your account.

These email addresses aren't intended for sending or reading emails. They're used to automatically create tasks from emails received, for further processing.

Account administrators can create new virtual email addresses.

Creating a virtual email address is done in Account Management / Email / Virtual email addresses:


Using the New address button:


A new address consists of any given name and the account address:


Click on an address to edit existing rules for processing emails, or create new rules:


Please notice: creating virtual email addresses is only available with paid and premium plans.

Additional information

If you receive emails through a virtual email address and have an automated response enabled for a user who sets a new task by email, then:

  • the automated response will be sent from the virtual email address
  • the text you enter in the Description will be added as the sender name in the email:


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