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You can send a contact a message by email in their contact profile:


This is similar to what you can do in contact filters. When you click a contact's email address, a drop-down menu appears with the option to send an email from Planfix:


In accordance with Planfix's philosophy, a message to a contact's email address is a task. The contact receives the task as an ordinary email, and if they are a Planfix user they can use all of the system's tools to work on the task.

The setting Task template for sending messages to a contact's email lets you choose a template for tasks created from emails.

  • If you choose the standard template (the default setting) a stripped-down form containing a smaller number of fields will be used when tasks are created from emails.
  • If you choose a different template, the task will be displayed in its regular full form.

Useful information

  • If you wish, you can add data to additional task fields when creating email messages to a contact. To do this, you have to set an email template in addition to a task template, adding variables to the email template that correspond to these task fields.

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