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You can configure how comments are displayed in task cards using the menu that opens when you click this icon:


Switching between action feed views

Here is how you can switch between the modern and classic feed view:


Display order for comments

Comments in a task can be displayed in chronological order or reverse chronological order:


Types of comments displayed

You can select the type of comments to be displayed in the task card that is most useful for you:


  • Only unread - display ONLY unread comments
  • Only comments - display only comments, no system messages
  • All comments - display all comments, including system messages
  • All comments, including deleted - deleted comments will be highlighted in red

Mark all comments as read

Sometimes you need to mark all comments in a task as read. There's a menu item to make this easier:


Subtask display

At the bottom of the settings menu, there's an item called Show subtasks in the checklist, which lets you enable or disable the display of subtasks in the task checklist:


Displaying comments from subtasks

The final item on the menu is Display subtask comments. This item allows you to view comments on a task's subtasks in the main task feed, in addition to comments added directly to the main task. In many situations, this offers a bigger picture with regards to how work is progressing on large or long-term tasks with multiple parts:


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