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By default, the sender of the task sent by email becomes its owner. However, this is not always convenient - for example, if the task was forwarded to you by a manager who is connected to Planfix but is not used to work in it. Another common situation is that you forward the task from a personal mailbox that is not registered in Planfix, but you want it to be set on your behalf.

Especially for such cases, we have action Select task owner. Its use is clearly seen in the examples.

Rule examples:

  • If Message subject includes tag $chief$, then Select task owner "Drew Davidson"

(Define the tag and then add it to the messages with tasks from your chief that you forward to Planfix - they will be delivered on his/her behalf)

  • If Sender's address includes text, then Select task owner "Hanna Marine"

( in case you want to create a task by forwarding a message from a personal mailbox - it will appear in the system on your behalf (Hanna Marine))

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