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Notifications for contacts without Planfix access and templates for these notifications can be set up in the section Account management - Email - Notifications for external contacts:


There are five types of notifications


  • New task assigned to a contact
  • New comment a contact was notified about:


Additional notifications, which are optional:

  • Task created from an external contact's incoming email (auto-response)
  • Task accepted that an external contact owns
  • Status changed of a task an external contact owns:


Please note: Additional notifications are disabled by default.

You can also specify which email addresses do not use to receive robot responses.


These addresses will not be used for:

  • Auto-responses;
  • Task notifications;
  • Emails sent by automated scripts.


If the assigner of a task is an external contact without Planfix access and the assignee is another external contact without access, notifications will not be sent to the assignee.

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