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Planfix allows you to automatically divide a task into a set of subtasks or checklist items for each assignee. This feature can be activated in the Add assignees setting in the Additional options tab:


How it works

  • When creating a task, select a list (or group) of assignees;
  • Select one of the options above for adding assignees;
  • Depending on the option you choose, Planfix will create a checklist item or subtask in this task for each assignee (or group member).

If you choose subtasks, then each assignee will only see their subtask and will work on the task with the assigner, without the other assignees. All subtasks will be grouped together in a parent task, which gives the assigner one place to view and monitor how work is progressing for all assignees.

If checklist items are chosen, all assignees can communicate in the same task. The individual checklist items let assignees work individually on the task and change its status to "Complete" for themselves, without affecting the status for coworkers.

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