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Checklist assignees

Every checklist item can be assigned to one or more assignees:


If assignees are set, then only the assignee or the task creator can mark the checklist item as complete. If there are no assignees set, any task assignee can mark the item as complete.

An assignee can mark all checklist items assigned to them as complete and change the task status to "Complete." At the same time, the task will retain the status "In progress" for the other task assignees. The task creator will only see the task status as "Complete" once all assignees have marked the checklist items assigned to them as complete and the task status has changed to "Complete" for everyone.

This approach lets you break out a large task into several parts, assign each to its own assignee, and track both the completion of each part as well as the completion of the overall task. Moreover, assignees who have completed their portions of the work won't be distracted by the task in their "In progress" lists.


  • When creating a task or template, you can select an assignee for a checklist item from a list of users, and the user-selected will automatically be added to the list of task assignees;
  • When editing a task or template, the list you can choose from for the assignee of a checklist item includes only current task assignees. Because of this, if you need to set a user as a checklist item assignee, make sure they're linked to the task beforehand as an assignee.

Links to comments where checklist items were added

When you click the link icon next to a checklist item, you will be sent to the comment where this checklist item was added. By reviewing the comment, you may glean additional information about the context in which the item was added.


Quoting a checklist

You can quote a checklist item in a comment to quickly provide context:


Editing a checklist

When you hover over a checklist item, you are able to open the menu for editing the item:


Adding checklist items

You can create multilevel checklists by adding sub-items to existing checklist items:



Editing a checklist name

Click the checklist name to edit it:


Deleting a checklist item


Copying a checklist item name

Being able to copy a checklist item name to the clipboard may come in handy:


Converting a checklist item to a subtask

Checklists and subtasks are very closely related in Planfix, so it's possible to create a full-fledged subtask from a checklist item. This is useful when the work related to a checklist item grows beyond what was initially expected and the item needs its own task, detailed description, and place for assignees to communicate. A checklist item can be converted into a subtask in the shortcut menu for the item:


If one employee creates a checklist item and a different employee turns it into a task, the assigner of the new task will be the assigner in the task with the checklist.

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