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Where to see a list of your tasks

  • The Planner section: When you log in to Planfix, you are brought to your Summary planner, where you can see your tasks by day, easily set tasks for the necessary day/time, and delegate tasks
  • The Tasks section:
    • Inbox - tasks assigned to you
    • Outbox - tasks you have assigned
  • The Projects section:
    • You can see tasks across specific projects

Accepting a task

Tasks will be assigned to you. Each task must be accepted:

  • If you get an email about a new task, you can click Accept right in the email
  • If you are on Planfix:
    • you will see a new event in your Activity Chronicle (the first list in the Summary Planner) and you will open the task and click Accept;
    • or you can go to the Tasks - Inbox - New section, go to the new task, and click the Accept button

Discussing a task

If you have been assigned a task that needs to be discussed, this should be done within Planfix by adding actions to the task. There are many ways to add action to a task. Most often, it's done as follows:

  • Activity Chronicle in the Summary Planner Click on the task name in the list; then see all activity and comments associated with the task. Write your comment (a question, clarification, etc.) in a dedicated field at the top of the comment thread. Choose the task participants who you want to see your message from the list located above the comment box. Click Add, and your comment will appear in the thread. The participants you selected will be notified.
  • The Tasks section: find the task you need, go to it, and you will see all the actions and comments added to it. Follow the same steps as above. Important: you must select the people who should know about your comment, or they won't get a notification about it.
  • By email: if you answer an email from Planfix with a notification about a new task or action, your response will be added to the task as a comment. The same task participants who were notified about the task or comment you responded to will be notified about your comment. You can use this method to communicate about a task without going to the Planfix site.

Additional actions

All work on a task is documented with actions in the task card. For example:

  • Adding a file: New action - Click on the paper clip icon:


  • Adding a reminder: New action - Click on the bell icon:


  • Adding a data tag: New action - Click the data tag icon:


Advanced features for adding actions appear when adding a comment:


Remember: adding an action to a task is the best way to show that you're working on it.

When a task is ready for review

It's not enough just to finish a task; you have to tell the person who assigned it. To do this:

  • go to the task, add a new action to it (see the previous section)
  • select New status in the action: Ready for review


  • save the action

The task assigner will receive a notification saying that you have completed the task, and they will be able to check it and finalize the task. If the assigner thinks the task was completed incorrectly, they will change its status back to In progress and let you know what you need to fix.

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