Automatically disable Google Calendar synchronization

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Google regulates the number of Calendar synchronizations that can be carried out in one account in a certain period of time. If you exceed this limit, information about task changes in Planfix will not appear in Google Calendar. To avoid this, we recommend following this rule:

  • Only enable synchronization for lists containing tasks that you really need to see in Google Calendar.

Planfix, for its part, optimizes the synchronization process in order to prevent bottlenecks for data exchange commands. When these efforts are unsuccessful, synchronization of the list with issues is automatically disabled. To ensure interruption-free work, you won't be able to enable synchronization again for this list. The only way to enable synchronization is to create the same list again and enable synchronization for it.

PLEASE NOTE: If the new list has synchronization enabled and exceeds the limits again, it will be automatically removed from the synchronization process.

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