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There are several ways to create a checklist, which are described below. Regardless of how checklists are added, they look and work the same way.

Adding a checklist when viewing a task

New checklist items can be added when working in the card of a task that has already been created


Adding a checklist when creating/editing a task

When creating or editing a task, you can open the interface for adding a checklist by clicking this icon:


Adding a checklist when adding a new comment

When adding an action (a comment) to a task, you can also add one or several checklist items, by clicking the following icon:


This method is convenient because checklist items created in comments contain links that take you to the comment where they were added. This can provide users with additional information about the item:


Adding checklist items as a list

You can enter multiple lines in the field for adding checklist items, and as a result, you'll get a separate item for each line. To do this, enter multiple lines of text:


When you press enter, you'll get multiple checklist items:



Useful information

  • When creating a task, you can automatically add a checklist item for each assignee
  • Scripts also let you add checklist items to a task:


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