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Use ChatGPT to compose an XPath request to parse the required data. For example, let's look at obtaining a request to parse data from the ID 123 field.

Prompt example

you are also an xpath expert
write xpath to get value on field with id 123, being given xml of the following type

XPath-request in the ChatGPT response

In XPath, you can use the following expression to get the value for the field with id 123:


Here's the breakdown of this XPath expression:
//customValue: Searches for all customValue elements at any depth in the XML document.
[field/id='123']: Filters the customValue elements to only those that have a field child with an id child whose text value is '123'.
/value/text(): Fetches the text value of the value child element of the filtered customValue element.
You can use this XPath expression in any XPath-compatible XML parser to retrieve the value you're looking for.

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