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The main work in the Deals management configuration takes place in the same Planner 'Deals management' in Composition of configuration.

Enter a new Contact

If you need to enter a new contact into the system manually, you can do this by entering its name in the Quick add a contact box in the "Raw Lead" list:


Clicking on the contact card that appears after this, you can add additional data to it.

Entering a new Deal

New Deals can appear in the system automatically (see the Deals management ideology). If you need to make a new Deal manually, then this can be done in one of the ways:

  • Drag a contact from the "Raw Leads" list to the column with the desired status of the created deal. A window will appear in which you can specify additional transaction parameters:


  • Create a deal in the quick add field in the list:


Clicking on the resulting deal card, you can add additional data to it (counterparty, transaction budget and more). This option is useful in cases where you need to quickly create a deal for an existing customer in the system.

Fixing of events and arrangements for the Deal

All information on events, taking place within work on deal, should be added as new actions in the deal task. You can do it from the task card:


Fix all the arrangements with client and arising questions - it helps to see all the history of the deal, and better understand the client, when new requests appear. Besides the text of the coment, you can attach files, connected to the deal, like business proposal, agreement, invoice, etc, to the action.

But all the new actitvity within the task - call, meeting etc - should better be planned as new sub-tasks. (see next)

Planning activity on the Deal

To plan the following activity on the deal, click on the task card and add sub-task to it:


The created sub-task will be displayed in the card as checkpoint:


Notice: All tasks - activities will be displayed in the other PlanFix sections, including standard Daily planner, distributed by days of the planned activity. So manager can see the planned actions not only in connection with their seals, but also all the planned activities on all the deals for a day or a week etc.

Processing the Deal statuses

You can change status of the deal in its card, or you can just drag the deal to the necessary list:


Finishing the Deal

Final status of any deal is Finished. The difference of the successfully finished deal from the failed one is in value of the custom field "Deal closed". If the deal was finished successfully, select Successfully, if the deal failed - Not Successfully:


Notice: If you drag the deal card to one of the final lists Successful completion or Deal failed, the corresponding value of this field will be set automatically.

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