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If you use Google email addresses and want Planfix to send notifications from Gmail, you should apply the following settings:

1. Set the following values in the appropriate fields in your Planfix profile or in the Planfix account management section. Use your own name and email address, but set the other fields as seen in the example below:


Important: don't save your settings until you have gone through the rest of these instructions

2. Log in to your Google account in a separate tab

3. Click this link and grant access to your account for sending mail:


4. Return to the tab in Planfix with your email settings and click Test account.


If everything is working as expected, you will see the following message:


5. Save your changes by clicking Modify employee data.

Usually, if everything is done correctly, the steps listed above will suffice. But if you see a red warning message with a message from Google, then:

  • if the message from Google is about incorrect account information, password, etc., check the data entered and fix any errors
  • if the message from Google contains a long link and text that's difficult to understand, you may need to take additional steps. Click this link and log in to your Google account. If that doesn't work either, follow the instructions on this page.

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