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Tasks — This mobile app section allows you to create or work with existing tasks. It offers filters and sorting options based on task fields.

Click the Tasks tab in the app's main menu to access this section. The default task filter that is set in the web version of Planfix will be loaded:


To open a different filter, click on the name of the current filter and select the desired filter from the dropdown list.

Sorting by task fields

Click on a field name to activate the filter for this field:


Use the Search function in the list of filter values to quickly find the desired value.

Task view

Another way to simplify task management is to customize the view of the list. Open the section Menu:



  • Table or Tree view for the task list.
  • The filter should only display active, overdue, or my (personal) tasks on the list.
  • The Select setting allows you to choose multiple tasks simultaneously for bulk actions.

Create new tasks

Press the Plus symbol to create a new task::


There are three ways to create a new task:

  • Voice input
  • Quick creation form
  • Complete creation form


  • Tasks that are created in custom filters adhere to the filter selection settings.
  • Creating new tasks is the same in all sections of the app.

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