Setting task links and Gantt charts in task templates

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Setting links in a chart

You can modify the dates and duration of tasks and subtasks in a Gantt chart. Simply use your mouse to drag the sliders that correspond to the start and end date:


Double-clicking on a task in the Gantt chart opens the standard window for changing task dates and duration:


You can use the Gantt chart to quickly set links between tasks or modify existing tasks. To set a link between two tasks, you first need to click the slider at the end of one task and drag it to the task you would like to link the first task to. When you do this, a link of the desired type will be created (Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Start-to-Finish, or Finish-to-Finish). In the chart, the link is shown as a line with arrows that indicate the direction of the link:


Clicking one of these lines opens the link settings for the task that this link leads to, where you can view (or edit/delete) predecessor and successor tasks and any types of links set for them:


Gantt charts in task templates

In a Gantt chart, you can set links between task templates:



  • In order to view templates in the chart, the creation date, and task duration must be set in the template:


  • When creating a project using a template that contains linked tasks, the tasks will be created with the same links that are specified in the task templates.
  • If a task is based on a separate task template, any tasks linked to it will not be created. In order to create linked tasks, they must have the same parent task (template). Then, when creating a task using this template, the subtask tree will be created, and all of the tasks will be linked as specified in their templates.

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