Recurring tasks in template trees

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Recurring tasks can be used in template trees, even nested within each other. In this case:

  • A recurring template within a template tree is interpreted as a template of a recurring template.
  • When creating a tree, a new recurring task template is created instead of such a task, whose parent task is the actual task created, not the template
  • If the recurring template has subtasks - these also become new templates of the recurring template created in it when a tree is created (they are copied with the replacement of the parent)
  • New periodic tasks are only created from templates that have no parent task or are not a template.

Thus, if in the tree, a successor of a recurring template is a recurring template, only the upper template works. However, with each iteration, it creates a copy of the lower template, which is already associated with the created task and operates independently.


If you do not fully understand how recurring tasks work within a template tree - do not create them. Otherwise, you may be dealing with constantly multiplying recurring tasks for reasons that are not immediately apparent, which is unlikely to meet your expectations.

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