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The REGEXPFIND function allows you to extract the required text fragment from a variable or an infoblock.


  • REGEXPFIND(text; pattern)


  • text — required, text where we search with a regular expression.
  • pattern — required, regular expression.


Formula Description Result
REGEXPFIND("Buy 30000$"; "(\d+)") Extract a number from text using a regular expression 30000


  • Regular expressions in Planfix are executed with the options Pattern.DOTALL and Pattern.MULTILINE. In the online validatorgms.
  • The first capturing group falls into the result of text processing using a regular expression. Accordingly, what needs to be in the result, you need to take in parentheses, and make the rest of the groups non-capturing (?:).
  • To get data from a string with quotes inside using a regular expression, you need to escape them.

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