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When clients you've worked within the past want to reach out to you again with a new order, it's fairly common for them to simply find an old email chain to reply to instead of writing a new email to your company. When you use Planfix, a new email added to an old email chain by default becomes a new comment on an old task, which has likely already been completed.

There are a number of circumstances that could complicate this situation. The most common is that the assignee of the closed task may be out of the office that day. If the client's email is added to this completed task, no one will find out about it until later, when the assignee returns to the office. A worse scenario would be if the email went entirely unnoticed because the assignee no longer works at your company.

Planfix has an option that regular email chains don't have, which solves this problem: Create a new task when responding to a completed task. When this setting is enabled, you can process new client requests with a clean slate:

This logic covers the most common scenario: you receive emails from clients and process them, and if a client emails you using an email chain associated with a completed task, their new email will create a new order, using the standard script for this type of order.

Useful information

  • A link to the previous, completed task will be added to the description of the new task created. This helps you restore conversation history, if needed, and find the information you need.
  • If the original task was created from an email that was sent to several employee internal email addresses, then the rules set for each of these email addresses were applied to it. The same logic applies when processing emails sent to a completed task, when "Create a new task when responding to a completed task" is enabled.

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