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The main entities that Planfix uses are Projects, Tasks, and Actions (more about using them). These names don't mean you can only use Planfix for project-based work. Here are some examples of project and task names that illustrate different use cases for Planfix:

Project: Opening a store at W 89th St


  • Order furniture
  • Health clearance
  • Firefighters: purchase equipment
  • Firefighters: get licensed
  • ...

Project: Working with Office Inc.


  • 2 printers and a fax machine
  • Laptop for chief accountaint
  • Meeting with boss
  • Classroom delivery
  • ...

Project: Orders on


  • Order #125948
  • Order #125949
  • Order #125950
  • Order #125951
  • Order #125952
  • ...

(About the last example: You can use the Task-Email feature to automatically upload tasks from different sources)

Take some time to think about what your approach will be for naming tasks and projects, and let your colleagues know what you decide.

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