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The Planfix editor is used to create and format text to be displayed in objects in the Planfix interface. You can see the editor in task descriptions, comments, custom text fields, when adding comments using a action, or when setting up a that adds a comment.

Let's take a look at how the editor works when adding a comment to a task. To open the editor in a comment field, click the icon: C1Uag5.png


Size and style

With these tools, you can set text size and make text bold, italicized, or underlined: vNYEUj.png

Color and alignment

These icons let you set text alignment (left, center, right), color, and background color, and add a bulleted or numbered list with indentation as needed: dgsF63.png

Quotes and removing formatting

Use these icons to add a quote to your comment or remove all formatting: PJc3tw.png

Additional features


You can also add the following to a comment:

  • Table

  • Link — link to an image or external resource
  • Snippet — a fragment of source code from an app or program Use this to share code that's fairly easy to read. Developers often use snippets when discussing code for a web app or program:

Planfix objects — Now you can add a link to a contact card or directory element. For example, directories can be used to store usernames and passwords for different resources. When you add a directory element to a comment and notify a specific employee, you automatically grant them access to the directory element: 0rqnO8.png

  • Emoji:


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