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Certified partners can create their Ready-made Solutions for further use in customer accounts. These solutions can be created in any account. Partners can also create a special account type- Partner solution.

Account type «Partner solution»

A partner can register a separate Solutions for Partners account to create a solution. When you register a new account, you must provide the email that you have previously used in the Certified partners and select the appropriate account type:


Account parameters:

  • The functions of this account are limited to the subscription plan Corporation
  • The ability to connect ten employees of a special type and one external user with access (used for solution debugging purposes)

As with a regular account, employees are connected through the «Employees» section. At the same time, there is no need to provide an email if you want to add an employee. Specifying a name is enough. An "employee" of this type cannot access the system directly. Only the account owner can sign in on his behalf using the typical employee login method:


Using a separate account for solutions is convenient because:

  • The account contains only objects included in the solutions, making it easier to maintain them.
  • Logging in under employees with different roles allows you to test the operation of a solution in various scenarios and prepare visual demonstrations - screenshots, videos, etc. - for each of the roles used in the solution.
  • This type of account will never be frozen and deleted, so there is no need to maintain activity to prevent solution loss.

Important : Using the Partner solutions account type is forbidden for any purpose other than creating and maintaining a solution.

Creating a partner solution

You can create a solution in Account management-Solutions-Created by me:



Creating a solution involves selecting the entities that will be included in the solution:


Everything selected in this interface is packed into the solution and is available for installation in any other account where the partner logs in under their email:


All created solutions are located in the section Solutions - Partner solutions:


The partner can also publish his solution in the Solutions section of the Planfix website. To do this, he fills in additional fields in the solution creation interface and sends it for moderation:


Additional information

You can add another partner (partners) to the partner solutions as an employee. Unlike other employees in such an account, he will receive an invitation and can log into the account afterward.

Aspects of partner's work within the account:

  • Only the account owner can see the partner solutions of his account.
  • All the partners can see each other's solutions that they have created in this account and can edit them.
  • None of the partners can see the solutions that each one of them has created in other accounts.
  • The solution remains attached to the partner who originally created it.

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