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You can integrate an AI chatbot ChatGPT into Planfix. In scripts, use the action "Send request to ChatGPT". This allows you to send requests from Planfix to the chatbot for various events:

  • adding a comment,
  • filling in a field,
  • etc.

Let's look at the installation and working with the integration using a simple example: adding a comment to a task.


  • To activate the integration with OpenAI, go to "Account Management" - "Integrations" - "Other services and apps" - "OpenAI (ChatGPT)" and add a new integration.
  • Enter the name of the integration, then go to the OpenAI account and generate an API key, which you enter in the corresponding field. Make sure you have available funds to use the API in your account and only then save the settings.
  • Then install the "Request to ChatGPT" solution from the Planfix marketplace
  • Select the task template in which the script will be installed. Remember or write down the name of the process to which the task template belongs.
  • Complete the installation of the solution.

Setting up requests

  • Go to "Account management" - "Task processes" - Select the process that you remembered or wrote down during installation - "Scripts" - "Send a request to ChatGPT".
  • In the script conditions, specify the command to which ChatGPT should respond. By default: "/chatgpt".
  • In the script actions, specify the integration name with OpenAI if multiple integrations are added.
  • Then select the ChatGPT model. Learn more about the models on the OpenAI website. By default, the gpt-3.5-turbo model works.
  • Next, follow the script's "Configure response parsing" link. If necessary, add the data you want to receive as a response from ChatGPT. Only the response text is sent by default, while other additional information is stored in the infoblocks. They can be added to the comment using variables, for example {{Infoblock.Response}} or {{Infoblock.Tokens used}}. Save the settings.

How to work

Now, you can write a comment with the command «/chatgpt» and the necessary message text in tasks using the template you selected during the solution installation. Planfix will send the text to ChatGPT. After some time, you will see a response to your request.


The suggested way of working with ChatGPT is only an example. You can customize the scripts to your needs by adding the necessary conditions and actions.

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