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To switch to the old view of the comment feed, you must

  • Click on the "Eye" icon - this sets the view of the feed.
  • Activate the old view of the display:

zFyamE.jpg The main difference between the old view of the task comment feed and the chat is that all elements are immediately visible when you open a task: description, checklist, fields, and comments. It is not necessary to switch between them as in the chat. This arrangement of elements is both an advantage and a disadvantage:

  • Advantage - everything is visible at once.
  • Disadvantage - the comments may no longer fit on the screen if a lot has been added to the description or checklist:

r1m27D.jpg The color of the comment cannot be displayed by a narrow strip on the left side, as in chat. The entire background of the comment is highlighted in color: VKn8Mg.jpg The field for adding comments is located directly below the checklist, and the comment feed is always below it: WXeAMO.jpg All control elements and actions above the comment are always displayed. The form for adding a comment looks visually cluttered, and many elements are not always needed when communicating in a task: HJ8RNu.jpg

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