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Comment — this is the simplest form of action that can be used to notify task participants about something. When adding a new comment, you can choose which of the task participants to notify about it.

Employee and contact notifications

Notifications can be received by both employees and external contacts. They can be notified separately:


When notifying a contact, the corresponding block will be highlighted in blue:


Task participant search

With the help of a search, you will quickly find the necessary employee or contact:


Select all employees or a group

For notification, you can select all employees at once or only participants of a certain group:


If you sent a comment but did not select anyone for notification, Planfix will notify you about this:


The warning can be disabled in personal settings:


Automatic selection of those notified

  • By default, the following are included in the notified:
    • the author of the comment to which you are responding with a quote;
    • task participants who were notified by you in the previous comment.
  • If an employee joins a conversation in which his colleague was communicating with a client and adds a comment, then no one will be automatically selected for notification. This is protection against accidental notifications of contacts with messages that do not concern them. If the conversation was between employees, those notified would be selected automatically.

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