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Projects in Planfix serve as a method for organizing tasks by customers, orders, departments, etc. To access projects, open the More and select Projects:


Your account can contain many projects. Filters allow you to manage them quickly and easily. Click on the name of the current filter and select another one from the list :


  • Click on the Eye icon to configure the list of filters displayed.
  • Use Search within the filters if there are many.

Projects can be filtered by field in the app, as in the web version of Planfix. Click on the field name and select a value you want to filter by:


Open the section Menu to customize the display of the project list. Select:

  • Project view: Group projects By groups, By counterparty, or display them as a List.
  • Active projects: Hide completed projects.


You can create a new project in the app. To do this, click on the Plus and fill in the project fields:


Project tasks

Click on a project in the list to access its tasks. The Tasks tab of the project displays all the tasks available for this project. You can change the display of the task list in the section Menu:



  • List view: Display the list as a Tree or Table.
  • Filter: Keep only Active, Overdue, or personal tasks (My) on the list.
  • Subproject list: Display only Active or Completed subprojects of this project in the list.
  • Delete Project: Remove the project and all its tasks.

Project details

On the Details tab, you can view and edit the project fields. Open the Settings Menu to configure the display of the list of fields or to delete the project:


Click on a field to edit the data it contains.

Important: You can only edit, move, add, or delete a field in the project template in the web version of Planfix.

Project documents

The Documents tab displays the files that have been attached to the project, its subprojects, and tasks:

  • Click on a file to open or download it.
  • Click on the Paperclip to attach a new file to the project


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