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The main goal of the Contacts section is to ensure convenient communication and quick access to your customers' contact information.

Table of contents

Open the "More" menu and select "Contacts" to access this section:


Use filters if you have a lot of contacts. Click on the name of the current filter and select the filter you want to switch to:


  • Creating or deleting a filter is only possible in the web version.
  • Use the Search within the filters to quickly navigate through them.
  • Click on the Eye icon to customize the display options for the list of filters.

Sorting by contact fields is also possible in this section.


How to create a new contact

You can add a new contact directly in the app. Press the Plus to open the template for creating a contact:


Contact's description

Click on a contact in the list to go to their card. In the Description tab, you can view and edit the contact's information and contact them. The number and variety of communication channels depend on how complete the customer's contact information is and how well the integration with messengers or telephony works.

Click on the Share icon to quickly copy and share contact data:


In the Description tab, you can Refresh the contact's data, add to Spam, or Delete the contact. Open the Menu to use these functions:


Contact's companies

Company is a tab of the contact that contains information about their company. Click on the company's name to open its information.

Click on the Add company icon to create a link between the company and the contact:


  • When adding a company, click the Plus icon to create a new one.
  • Use Search within the companies if there are many.

Several companies can be assigned to a contact. You can disconnect a contact and a company at any time by clicking on the corresponding icon


Contact's comments

The Comments tab displays comments in tasks where the contact is a counterparty. In the Menu, you can customize their display::


Contact's checklist

The checklist contains a list of tasks involving the contact in any role. Open the More menu and select the Checklist to access this section:


In the Menu tab, you can refresh tasks and customize their display:


There is a Menu next to each checklist item. Open it to Delete an item, Assign an assignee, Edit, or Add a sub-item:


Contact's details

Details — a tab to view and edit the fields of the contact card. Click on a field to change its data. In the Menu tab, you can customize the display of the fields:


Contact's documents

Documents — a tab for storing files attached to the contact. Click on the Clip to add a new file.

Contact's data tags

The Data tags tab is where all data tags directly linked to the contact are displayed here. Click on the Plus to attach a new data tag.

Contact's time

An extension for automatic time tracking when working with a contact. Click on :

  • Play to start the timer.
  • Stop to stop the timer.
  • Reset to stop the count without saving data.
  • History to view all data tags of the "Actual work time" attached to the task.

Important: The timer can only be activated in the web version of Planfix.

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