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Chronicle is a section in the mobile app that displays a list of notifications about events in tasks and Planfix contacts. You can use the Chronicle to check or work with these notifications quickly.

From the card of each event, you can go directly to the task or contact to familiarize yourself with the details, write a comment, attach a file, create a data tag or reminder.

List of frequently performed actions in Chronicle:

Mark as read

There is an operations menu at the bottom of each Chronicle event block. To mark an event as read, press the Flag. The read event disappears from the "Chronicle" (if the display mode for unread events is activated):


  • This operation can be undone. A Cancel button will appear at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds.
  • In the web version account settings, you can activate the Additional confirmation that a Chronicle event was read function.
  • The flag marks all comments in the task or contact card as read.

Add a reminder

Press the Bell in the operations menu to add a reminder to the task:


  • After you have added a reminder, the event is considered read and disappears from the Chronicle.

Complete a task

Press the symbol with a checkmark to complete a task quickly and mark the event as read:


Change task due dates

Click on the Calendar to change the start date, the planned completion date or the duration of the task:


  • After you have saved the changes, the event is considered read and disappears from the Chronicle.

Add to favorites

In the Chronicle you can add a task or a contact to your Favorites. To do this, click on the Star and select the desired icon:


Create a task

You can create new tasks in the Chronicle. To create a new task, press the Plus button. There are currently three ways to create a task:

  • Voice input
  • Short card
  • Full card

Configuring the Chronicle

Click on the Menu in the top right corner of Chronicle to open the list of possible settings and operations:


In the menu, you can:

  • Set the "display order" of events in Chronicle: new first (used by default) or old first.
  • Configure the type of events displayed. The following options are available under the "Display" menu item: unread events and all events.
  • Mark all events in the Chronicle as read.

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